For maximum strength and durability the Crystite Ceramic Composite pool is constructed of two layers of epoxy modified vinyl ester resin.

Sandwiched between the resin layers is our unique ceramic composite core. This core adds greater stiffness to the pool walls and greatly enhances the water core resistance of the structure.

The crystite ceramic chips encapsulated within a UV stabilised clear resin, together with the underlying crystite colour base, result in our stunning range of water colours.

Do you fancy the idea of never having to clean you pool?

Wouldn't it be nice to look out at a sparkling clean and clear pool without ever having to lift a finger?

Viking Pools is one of only two swimming pool manufacturers in Australia whose pools are strong enough to accommodate the world's number one self-cleaning system - Vantage Infloor Cleaning & Circulation.


Through a series of strategically placed pop-up cleaning heads that work together, the Vantage system sweeps any debris towards a debris collection zone or main drain. With water shooting out of these heads at approx. 20 psi, Vantage will clean 99% of your swimming pool all by itself!

water circulation

Traditional swimming pools operate with eyeball return jets at one end and a skimmer box at the other. Unfortunately, this system often results in several poorly circulated algae-prone areas and increased chemical costs.

A swimming pool with the Vantage Infloor Cleaning & Circulation System evenly circulates water throughout every square inch of your pool. Improved circulation has been proven to create a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable swimming pool.

For further information on Vantage and how it works, download the flyer or watch the video
Typical fibreglass sample – Viking Swimming Pools & Spas in Winnelie, NT
Pool with Vantage
Patented Debris Collection Zone  – Viking Swimming Pools & Spas in Winnelie, NT
Traditional Pool
Tradional Pool – Viking Swimming Pools & Spas in Winnelie, NT

pool care & free water testing

Pool care and water testing is an important part of maintaining a healthy, happy pool.
At Viking Pools we have an exclusive service division for customers who have a Viking pool or spa.
We also offer free water testing and advice for any swimming pool and spa owner.

Pool renovations

Yes, we can breathe life into your old swimming pool with our affordable renovation services. We can upgrade your pool equipment and get it running efficiently and effectively.

Whether your existing pool is concrete or fiberglass, our Aquaguard culture finish gelcoats will dazzle you with attractive stone-like finishes in a range of colours and textures. Aquaguard Culture gelcoats are highly resistant, come with a 3-year guarantee and conform to strict Australian Swimming Pool Standards.

A professional swimming pool renovation will take about a week to complete and should extend the life of your pool for many, many years.