Mobility Pool Australia

Viking Pools & Spas is an Australian owned and operated Darwin-based company that has designed and manufactured what is considered a world-first mobility pool that provides people with disabilities or age-related impairments a safe and accessible way to experience the joy of swimming.

Our cutting-edge, customisable designs are equipped with the latest technologies and construction techniques, ensuring everyone can safely access the benefits of hydrotherapy without restrictions.

Creating a more accessible and inclusive society


Handrails down the stairs and around the inside of the pool ensure easy access and safe swimming…

Swim Jets

Swim jets and pulsating spa jets provide hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits…


Automated technology cleverly reverses its polarity to detect and clean calcium
build-up on the electrodes, prolonging the life of the cell.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient heat pump maintains desired water temperature year-round by reducing power consumption by over 50%.

Automated Filteration

Automated filtration system keeps water clean and sanitised. An alarm indicates when magnesium levels in the pool water are too high or too low. If the pool is running beyond the maximum recommended level, the chlorinator limits its output to protect the chlorinator cell.


Roughly 1 in 5 Australians have a disability – that’s around 4 million people – and this figure is increasing with an ageing population.

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