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Not all swimming pools are built the same and just like houses, swimming pools are a big investment. That's why you want to know you're buying a pool from an experienced swimming pool builder who has the highest quality product and the know-how to do a great job.
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    Who We Are

    Viking Pools has been providing expert commercial and residential swimming pool management, pool maintenance, and pool renovation services since 1973. We have maintained a reputation of being an outstanding competitor in pool management servicesOur customisable service programs are designed to meet the needs of our clients; community managers, apartment complexes, body corporations  and residential homes in the Darwin region. 

    Through experience and vision, whave a best practice model of prioritising our client relationships through ongoing support to client needs. We work with our clients to streamline their aquatic needs, maintain their pool water quality and elevate their poolside experience. 

    We look forward to working with you on your next project or partnering with you to operate or maintain the swimming pool of your residential property or your organisation. 

    Swimming Pool Management is our most complete service offered to Territorians for either residential homes or businesses within the Darwin region, with satisfaction guaranteed. Whether your swimming pool is indoors or opened to the harsh seasonal weather, you can count on our professional team to handle every aspect of caring for your pool.

    As a business, body corporation, your residents and guests expect to see a sparkling clean pool. What they don’t understand is all of the hard work that goes into the delivery of a safe, clean pool. Let our specialists handle everything from pool chemistry and the mechanical operations.

    In over 47 years of Swimming Pool Management experience, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen or handle when it comes to pool operations.


    Our serivce tech’s work is hard to keep your Pool clean, efficient and healthy with routine pool maintenance. Our service technicians are prepared to handle the day-to-day care of the Pool and work with our clients on their role in caring for the pool.

    Our general services to keep your Pool looking sharp incluide, but are not limited to:

    1. Brushing and vacumming the pool

    2. Emptying skimmer baskets

    3. Cleaning waterline tiles

    4. Backwashing filtration system

    5. Removing trash to clients onsite dumpster

    6. Maintaining water levels

    7. Visual inspection of the filtration equipment

    8. Monitoring, testing and adjusting water chemistry to health department standards

    Pool Hand Over/Before-you-buy Inspection for Homeowners

    At the request of our client’s, or soon to be clients, we at Viking pools are happy to do a quality control report on your pool. This is to have an accurate description of just where your Pools condition is at. Simply fill out a request form and we will get back to you. Our renovation and repair professionals provide clients with solutions to any mechanical or structural issues that exist or look to be developing. Pool leaks and major repairs are best dealt with in the Dry season. Still, Viking Pools will advise if any repairs should be carried out right away to prevent further damage to equipment. When our clients need to forecast future repairs for budgeting, our knowledgeable team can assist in developing plans that help clients protect and manage their Pool cost-efficiently.

    Pool Maintenance

    We specialize in designing custom maintenance programs for commercial swimming pools to suit every clients’ needs. Whether you are looking for one, two, or three visits per week or even daily service, our professional maintenance technicians can handle the job. We can even provide additional support beyond the scope of the agreement if necessary. Our most successful programs include chemical automation which can reduce demand for service visits and provides additional water quality assurance. Our services also extend to the maintenance of fountains and water features so that your property will always make a beautiful impression.

    We are committed to ensuring our professional service technicians understand higher-level pool chemistry, filtration systems, and local code requirements to ensure a healthy pool. We invest in PHTA training to support our field team with the tools they need to provide unparalleled service to our clients. Within the first few months of employment, our pool technician assistants earn their PHTA Field Service Professional and Certified Pool Inspector Certifications. As our service technicians continue their careers with our organization, our in-house training programs include Certified Pool Operator and ultimately Advanced Service Technician certifications.

    Our Services

    Our general services during technical visits may include, but are not limited to:

    • Chemical testing and adjustments to health department standards
    • Brushing and vacuuming the Pool
    • Cleaning skimmer baskets and waterline tiles
    • Backwashing the filtration system
    • Cleaning of Hair & Lint Strainer
    • Refilling of chemical reservoirs
    • Filling the water to the proper level
    • Inspection of filtration equipment
    • Visual inspection of main drain covers and other pool fixtures
    • Basic equipment troubleshooting
    • Phone support between visits

    Know What’s Going on in Your Pool

    Your Pool’s filtration system has many parts. With proper pool maintenance, these parts are less likely to break down and will last longer. Here are some of the terms you should know when it comes to your Pool’s filtration system.


    Multiple skimmer drains are located around the top of the Pool. Skimmers draw water the same way as the main drains, but they suck only from the very top of the Pool.

    Vacuum Port:

    These ports attach to pool vacuum cleaners, which work something like ordinary vacuum cleaners except that they suck water instead of air.

    Main Drains:

    Water flows to the filtering system through two or more main drains at the bottom of the Pool, usually located at the deepest point in the Pool.

    Pump and Motor:

    The water pump circulates the water. Your motor is known as the dry end of the filter pump. It drives the impeller, which moves the water from the various drains through the filter and back out through the water inlets.


    A device used to remove particles suspended in the water by pumping water through a porous substance or material.


    A pool heater works by burning fuel to create heat, which is then passed through a heat exchanger and onto water pulled from your swimming pool. The water is then reintroduced to the Pool, raising the overall temperature.

    At Viking Pools, we aim to continually enhance the customer experience. In order to accomplish this and ensure that our customers’ needs and concerns are met, we engage and listen to their thoughts and feedback regularly. We want every customer to love swimming with American Pool, so we take the time to regularly listen to customers’ suggestions, read customers’ comments, conduct surveys, and track industry results.

    Warranty Pools and Quality Pledge 

    Viking Pools has a passion for prevention. Chemical hazards, safety code violations, and structural problems all have the potential to expose homeowners, residents and small children to severe risks. Our Corporate Safety manager works to ensure our methods are the safest possible. we will advise new practices for pool safety that we currently manage. Unfortunately, risk reduction is not the same as risk elimination. We have been in operation since 1973, and there isn’t much we haven’t helped our clients through, firstly safety when it comes to fencing and children getting access to the pools. 

    New Customers

    Looking for new maintenance, renovation, repair, or management service provider for your Pool? Please complete our request for service form and tell us more about your property. We’ll review your information and be in touch within 48 hours.

    Unresolved Issues

    Our business is built on trust. If we have fallen short of your needs, or you need assistance, please let us know by completing our customer service form or calling Christopher at ##INSERT PHONE NUMBER##. Our dedicated Customer Service Advocate can be contacted to assist you with your concerns.

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    Certified and Experienced

    All our staff have years of experience in customer service and the swimming pool industry and we have been providing Darwin home owners with quality pools since 1973

    Wide Range of Products

    Whether your looking for a lap pool, natural pool, courtyard pool, plunge pool or spa for your Darwin home, we have styles and sizes to suit every location and budget

    Superior Construction

    Viking Pools has been constructing swimming pools in Darwin for over 40 years and we've aligned ourselves with the best brains in the industry and advanced manufacturing processes

    Guaranteed Quality

    When you request a swimming pool from us, you can rest easy knowing that it will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism every step of the process.

    Love your pool?

    We know you want your pool's installation to be hassle-free and to look great in years to come. A swimming pool is an investment and Viking Pools wants you to love your pool as much as we love building them!

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    pH Levels

    7.4 - 7.6

    Balancing your pool means keeping the pH of the water between 7.4-7.6


    Alkalinity Levels

    100 -150 ppm

    Total alkalinity means the sum of all alkaline chemicals in your water.


    Chlorine Level

    1 - 3 ppm

    Chlorine is an extremely effective bacteria and algae killer, and cost effective.


    Calcium Hardness

    175 - 300 ppm

    Calcium hardness refers to the amount of the mineral calcium dissolved in your water.


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    Take advantage of the Dry Season with a swimming pool or spa from Viking Pools. We have a wide-range of pools and spas of all shapes and sizes so that we can make sure that you will be provided a pool that best suits your Darwin home.
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    • Extended swimming season
    • 5 Steps Filtration Plants
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    We can breathe life into your old swimming pool with our affordable renovation services and upgrade your pool equipment to get it running efficiently and effectively.

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