Why is a Viking Pool a better pool?

Not all swimming pools are built the same and just like houses, swimming pools are a big investment. That's why you want to know you're buying a pool from an experienced swimming pool builder who has the highest quality product and the know-how to do a great job.
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    Who We Are

    Viking Pools has been providing expert commercial and residential swimming pool management, pool maintenance, and pool renovation services since 1973. We have maintained a reputation of being an outstanding competitor in pool management servicesOur customisable service programs are designed to meet the needs of our clients; community managers, apartment complexes, body corporations  and residential homes in the Darwin region. 

    Through experience and vision, whave a best practice model of prioritising our client relationships through ongoing support to client needs. We work with our clients to streamline their aquatic needs, maintain their pool water quality and elevate their poolside experience. 

    We look forward to working with you on your next project or partnering with you to operate or maintain the swimming pool of your residential property or your organisation. 

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    Certified and Experienced

    All our staff have years of experience in customer service and the swimming pool industry and we have been providing Darwin home owners with quality pools since 1973

    Wide Range of Products

    Whether your looking for a lap pool, natural pool, courtyard pool, plunge pool or spa for your Darwin home, we have styles and sizes to suit every location and budget

    Superior Construction

    Viking Pools has been constructing swimming pools in Darwin for over 40 years and we've aligned ourselves with the best brains in the industry and advanced manufacturing processes

    Guaranteed Quality

    When you request a swimming pool from us, you can rest easy knowing that it will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism every step of the process.

    Love your pool?

    We know you want your pool's installation to be hassle-free and to look great in years to come. A swimming pool is an investment and Viking Pools wants you to love your pool as much as we love building them!

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    pH Levels

    7.4 - 7.6

    Balancing your pool means keeping the pH of the water between 7.4-7.6


    Alkalinity Levels

    100 -150 ppm

    Total alkalinity means the sum of all alkaline chemicals in your water.


    Chlorine Level

    1 - 3 ppm

    Chlorine is an extremely effective bacteria and algae killer, and cost effective.


    Calcium Hardness

    175 - 300 ppm

    Calcium hardness refers to the amount of the mineral calcium dissolved in your water.


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    Swimming pool & spa builder in Darwin

    Take advantage of the Dry Season with a swimming pool or spa from Viking Pools. We have a wide-range of pools and spas of all shapes and sizes so that we can make sure that you will be provided a pool that best suits your Darwin home.
    • 99% cleaning guarantee
    • Extended swimming season
    • 5 Steps Filtration Plants
    • Best For Health & Hydration

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    We can breathe life into your old swimming pool with our affordable renovation services and upgrade your pool equipment to get it running efficiently and effectively.

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    Our cutting-edge, customisable designs are equipped with the latest technologies and construction techniques, ensuring everyone can safely access the benefits of hydrotherapy without restrictions.